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Dr. Betthäuser in the NRD-Info program 'Radio Visite

Topic: Shoulder Pain – What’s Behind It, What Helps?

Dr. Betthäuser in the ARD program 'Health Guide

Dr. Betthäuser in the NRD program 'Hamburg Journal



Dr. Betthäuser is listed in the doctor rating portals “JAMEDA,” “GOOGLE,” “weiße Liste,” “Stiftung Gesundheit,” and “” as one of the best orthopedic specialists in Hamburg from 2019 to 2021.

Good advice

Herr Dr. Betthäuser has been consistently mentioned as one of the recommended six orthopedic specialists in Hamburg in every July issue of the magazine “Guter Rat” (BURDA Druck GmbH) since 2013.

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